Girsberger Linq Swivel Chair


Linq is an elegant swivel chair for high-class conference rooms and other communication areas in the office.

The chair’s functions have been reduced to a height adjustable and an intelligent tilting mechanism which is integrated invisibly into the seat shell, allowing the user to lean back comfortably.

Its ease of use also makes Linq ideal for use as a universal swivel chair for shared and team workstations. Linq is therefore available with a 5-prong base for such uses, or as a conference swivel chair with a 4-prong base.

“Linq is essentially inspired by the intelligence of nature. Just like a tree that grows from the trunk to the branches, where nothing is superfluous.” – Jonathan Prestwich, Designer

One special design feature of Linq is its aluminium support. This connects the base and the seat shell while its ends form the arm rests. The Y-shape of the support is as intelligent as it is striking.

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